First week in Larnaka

It began as a very solitary time.  My first impressions of the accommodation weren’t good if I’m honest. The place is like something out of a spooky horror movie. Built in the 30’s, derelict almost, left how it was when the previous owners had it as a hotel.  Everything is covered in dust and it’s being quite badly neglected. On my first night there were no other students here, only the shy caretaker/ resident artist Pete, he’s lovely it turns out. He went out and left me on my own in my dingy little super dusty room with a bulging ceiling from water damage and blankets that were like they’d been kept in a spider infested shed for 5 years.  I managed to sleep just about, and when i awoke to daylight, it all seemed a lot more pleasant.

Saturday was the market day in the car park. Lot’s of yummy veg and fruit.  It was very tempting to overbuy, but seeing as I’m only cooking for me I had to be careful not to overdo it.  You can buy hummus with pitta from a cafe type place for  €1.50, so I had that for lunch, yum.

It’s strange to think of Britain being so cold. I’ve been lucky so far in that it hasn’t rained yet.  Unusual apparently for this time of year.  Yesterday afternoon I did some gardening at Harry’s Inn ( the place I’m staying in).  It had become quite overgrown so I couldn’t resist tidying it up and rescuing the pot plants that had been swamped by the marauding foliage. Slowly but surely the place is becoming a pleasure to be in.

I think I will get a lot out of being here.  It’s not as idyllic as Lempa, the place i went to last time, but that could be to my advantage.  Less distractions.

Larnaca is very very different to Paphos, and Cyprus seems different to when i last visited. More modern and affluent. Saying that, as you’d expect, if you wonder off out of the centre, everything gets more interesting.  The college studios are in the ‘old town’.  Here it is romantically dilapidated, crumbling balconies etc.  I got lost on the way to the studios on my first day and as I was photographing said romantic scenery, a man called me into his bakery/cafe place ” come in, come in ! “, I found myself obeying him, nervously.  He kissed me on the cheeks wishing me “happy new year” and offered me brandy.  I said i had to go as i needed to get to the college and he gave me two obviously just picked from a tree oranges, and a banana.  I assured him I would be back, I haven’t yet.

I have made a friend in a black cat called Midnight who took to me immediately.. he won’t give me any peace..  I am scratching the itches as I type.

It is quite expensive here because of the weak pound against the euro. I am on the hunt for cheaper food.

Walked all the way to a supermarket on Wednesday that was 27 mins away in the boily heat with a rucksack on my back, through the most horrid part of this city… disused strip clubs, massive roads… multi-story hotels and offices, only to find it was closed due to a public holiday.  I’m doing a lot of walking, my poor legs hurt.  I’m sure I will get very fit.

I have been shown a nice little local place to eat, not too expensive but not cheap either. I’ve checked out the charity shops, they should help.

Mostly I have been taking photos of this place and settling in. I managed to do some drawings of objects last night but nothing exciting. Small steps

12 thoughts on “First week in Larnaka

  1. Now that sounds more like it. I am glad others have turned up and filled in some of the wee spaces once empty. It would have been difficult if you had been on your own. Now all you have to do is enjoy your time there and have lots of fun. Still cold here but more wet than snow now. xxxxxxxx


  2. Hey girlfriend…seems funny to be writing to you on your blog site after our other correspondence but need to publicly state that we’re proud of you,off out there doing your thang!Relax and enjoy!xxx


  3. Hi Sarah, snowing hard here in Chagford as I write. your blog takes me back to Greece last summer and the amazing old pots from Cyprus I saw in the museums in Athens and did loads of drawings of. I hope you have a wonderful inspiring time there – I’m sure you will very jealous!!


  4. Hi Sarah,
    Nice to hear from you, looks like you’ll be busy this year with your art and biographical log. I hope you sell some work and meet lots of people. Do you still have your normal email address?
    Best wishes,


  5. Good for you Sarah, you are a super-brave bunny out there doing your thing. I am filled with admiration. I’m sure you’ll adjust very quickly once you find your way round, and you’ll make friends easily too because you are so warm and lovely.


  6. Very weird hearing about you in the heat in Cyprus as Briton is covered in snow! Sounds exciting, how long are you there for? Will you be producing work to exhibit there?
    Good luck with it all,
    Stella Levy.


  7. Sounds like you will have to take a while to ajust especially as it is so different to the Paphos. I think you are very brave and I admire you for doing this. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures. We are snowed in at present so hot weather sounds very appealing. Be in touch soon L.O.L Isabel


  8. What a great thing to do, thanks for letting us read about your adventure. All the best with it. Look forward to reading more. By the way it’s the first blog I’ve ever read.


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