Week 2 in Larnaka

Abstract: Charcoal gouache and pastel on paper

My workspace

My progress has been fairly slow, yet steady.  I’ve been doing a combination of drawing from life and abstracts. I’m very aware that this is only the beginning. I want to make the most of being here but I mustn’t lose patience with myself. Not knowing the outcome of this journey can be disheartening at times, as it requires a certain amount of faith. I am wrestling with potential failure.  The only answer to this feeling is to work through it.  Feel the fear and do it anyway.

This Morning I moved rooms at Harry’s Inn.  Someone stayed in the vacant room opposite me last night because we had a dinner party that involved drinking.  This morning they left the door open. I walked out of my room and saw how lovely this other room was. Within the hour I had moved everything in.

This room is flooded with light all day, it is cleaner than my previous room and I prefer the layout. It feels so much better here.  I believe that it is important for me to fit into my environment harmoniously to be able to work efficiently. Every day I take a small step towards that goal.

I think I mentioned earlier that last night we had a dinner party. Hannah and I cooked Spaghetti Bolognese and a vegetarian option for 10 people.  That wasn’t the original plan. I had invited my fellow Cyprus College of Artee over for dinner to repay her for a dinner she made me not so long ago.  Before I knew it the party grew and grew.  In the end we had Giggs and Jen, Phil and Anna, Jackie, Lowis, Alannah, Angela, Hannah and me. All artists. At first I was a little perturbed by this expectation to cook for so many, cost as well as quantity, I’ve never cooked for so many before.  It was a blast. The meat eaters loved the Bolognese I made. Angela (the college administrator) even said it tasted authentic?  She said she hadn’t tasted Bolognese as good since her last visit to Italy. I’m not sure how that happened, a compliment indeed. Hannah’s veggie dish went down a storm too. Unfortunately, I am embarrassed to say I did not try it; if there is Bolognese on my plate, I cannot contemplate polluting it with other flavours. When it comes to my food I am very unreasonable.  I do not share, and I experience disproportionate displeasure from hunger. In short I’m greedy. Come to think of it I’m feeling a bit peckish now. Hannah also made the most delicious puddings, Bourbon Balls (crushed biscuits and walnuts soaked in Bourbon Whiskey and rolled in chocolate powder) and biscuits stacked on top of each other in 3 layers with whipped chocolate cream in between each. Needless to say… Yum.

Studio balcony

This week has been overall a good one.  It’s been sociable, and I’ve made some progress in the studio. The only down has been the heavy rains that struck, but the last day or so has been lovely in the most part. This morning I sat on the Studio Balcony, and the sun shone hot on my face.  A rush of joy spread through me; good weather is the purest heaven.

I’m finally allowing it to sink in that for some months, I will be living in Cyprus. I can’t just catch a bus and be home again.  I’m here for a long time.
It’s all good.

5 thoughts on “Week 2 in Larnaka

  1. Hi tis looking good , I think the work will progress and you will produce great work. The start is always daunting but the journey will lead you to where you should be, I really believe that. Sarah just trust in the process you we’re getting there anyway and I know this is important I can feel it in my bones.
    Tomorrow is my Birthday and we are going to Rick Steins in Padstow. Wanted to do it for my 40th so only 9 years late, but as they say better late than never.
    Speak soon lots of love
    Isabel xxxxx


  2. We had sunshine here too! i ve spent the day at Clifton Hill, gardening and thinking of you! Ate a bacon baguette in the park there and just watch the world go by. Funny how things and people look different in the sunlight. Clearing all these damp dead leaves, uncovering shoots everywhere! the smells..felt like reconnecting to something, very comforting somehow.. I m helping Guy with the two houses he has there, painting/decorating in the bad weather and gardening when the sun is out. Will be there again next monday. Love the two drawings by the way! love u xx


  3. Hi Sarah,
    Good to see you moved out of the ‘Eraserhead’ room and into the light!
    The sun shone in Exeter today for the first time in about a week.


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