2 thoughts on “Five Layers 2

  1. no doubt about it, this is extrememlylemely cool. glad to see that you’re being so fantastically productive in cyprus! i’m glad you went back and i hope you’re enjoying life there.

    sorry that i kind of dropped off the grid. i guess i got caught up in… things. mainly moving to london where i am now teaching. but doing other things too! still directing plays and films and stuff. anyway, i had a dream that i visited somewhere foreign, like vietnam or somewhere, and you were there. so i thought i should look you up.

    it’s phil, by the way, from exeter.


    • Hi Phil !

      Great to hear from you again after all this time, glad you’re still busy doing interesting stuff.

      I’m intrigued by your dream ?

      I’d imagine you are better suited to London : )



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