Little Did I Know – Back to the beginning

I have just been re-reading this blog. I went right back to a post from the 12th January 2010. This was only 2 weeks after I had arrived in Cyprus for what was meant to be a 6 month residency at the Cyprus College of Art. Here I found this little statement that made me laugh quite hard:

“I did a small abstract painting in my notebook this afternoon, and if I’m honest, I enjoyed making this the most. It would be quite funny if I end up doing abstract work here. I doubt I will though.”

Frankly, it is a little embarrassing.

Below is a drawing I did very soon afterwards that I feel marked the beginning of new way of thinking for me. At 19, I remember my college tutor telling me that one day “the penny would drop”. That year in Cyprus, almost 2 decades later, I think it finally did.


Gouache on A2 paper

Gouache on A2 paper (23rd Feb 2010)

1 thought on “Little Did I Know – Back to the beginning

  1. It reminds me of Brownie camp in the New Forest. The images look like rows of tents with people jollying around doing their little tasks!!!xxx


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