5 Line Exercises, A Short Film


I have put together a short film of my 5 line drawings in chronological order (ish), from their tentative beginnings. The music is ‘Sun and Fruit Mix’ by SO (Sean Sullivan and David Osbiston). Click on the link below to view it on YouTube.

5 Lines, a short film


2 thoughts on “5 Line Exercises, A Short Film

  1. It is interesting to scroll down through your blog to see how your art works seem to be built up from the kind of shape you are showing here and in your film in isolation, by combining and overlapping them. How do you arrive at such shapes? Are there concepts behind them or ar they just random doodles? In some cases, you seem to create variations of the same basic shape.


    • Hi, These shapes are at least initially arrived at using a simple system. I call them ‘5 line’ drawings because they consist of no more and no less than 5 lines. Perhaps I should make a video demonstrating this?! The later drawings, you are right, they are variations on the initial drawing. I find alternative versions of each element. For example, if a line is straight, I will make it curved and vice versa. I like to set myself simple rules and see what arrives as a result. Everyone approaches this exercise differently it seems. I used to use the 5 line exercise with my students in Cyprus and was always surprised at how various their results were. I seem to enjoy an enclosed sculptural kind of shape.


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