Dartmoor based artist Sarah Hoskins, was born in Kent and grew up in the South West of England, in Devon. In 1996 she graduated from Wimbledon School of Art, then completed a Post Graduate diploma at the Cyprus College of Art in 2002. Since then she has exhibited throughout the UK, and internationally. In 2010 she returned to Cyprus initially as a resident artist at the Cyprus College of Art, and was made their Head of Foundation until December 2012. Since returning to this cold country in 2013, she has mostly been up in her attic, making paintings. Many of them can be seen on this website.


Artist Statement

There are times in my studio, say, when I am painting a sloppy turquoise-green onto a scruffy pink-grey, and the experience is honestly better than eating the most delicious food. There are also times when I feel faint and nauseous with mental exhaustion. Both states are a sign that something precise is happening.

I am resistant to meanings and emotional interpretations, but I know I can’t control what my paintings say to people when my back is turned.

I can’t speak for my paintings; they are cleverer than me. Some of them are anyway.

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