Green Hill Open Exhibition 2019




I am honoured to have been chosen as one of the judges for this year’s Green Hill Arts Open Exhibition.

To submit your work, click on the above link.

Based in Moretonhampstead and one of Devon’s most prominent Art Galleries, Green Hill  is attracting the attention of some of the most respected South West Artists. Names such as Peter Randall-Page, Susan Derges, and Peter Stiles have become synonymous with Green Hill over the last five years  having exhibited in the Gallery’s large attractive contemporary space, and supported Green Hill’s developing programme.


The Plough Arts Centre Open Drawing Competition Exhibition

open drawing 2015

The Plough Arts Centre open drawing competition exhibition Poster

Hadaway new copy

‘Hadaway’ Gouache on A3 watercolour paper

‘Hadaway’ is included in this exhibition which runs until the 24th of October. I hope you get a chance to see it.

Thelma Hulbert Open Exhibition


I am delighted that ‘Runghead’ has been selected for the Thelma Hulbert Open Exhibition

The private view will take place this  Saturday 12th July,  2 – 4pm

Prize giving will be at 3pm

Exhibition dates: 12 July 2014 – 23  August 2014

For more info, please visit the gallery’s website

“The THG Open celebrates the rich and varied talent of artists living in the South West.

A perfect opportunity to view and purchase work by some of the best established and emerging artists from across the region, as well as an opportunity to vote for your favourite work to win our popular Visitors’ Choice prize.”

'Runghead' Gouache and Pencil on Watercolour Paper 24 x 67 cm

‘Runghead’ Gouache and Pencil on Watercolour Paper 24 x 67 cm



Courage, Dear Heart

Me and dad at Bournemouth Pier in 1995

Me and Dad on Bournemouth Pier in 1992


My Dad was an exceptional man, speaking of him in the past tense feels very strange.

My parents’ marriage broke down when I was 5, before my father became a ‘film star’.  Our lives moved far apart; I was living a relatively normal life in Devon and he was attending premiers around the world and making films in exotic locations. Visiting him, I often felt like ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’, an ordinary girl briefly entering his extraordinary world.  Even so, I always knew that my father was proud of me; he came to my exhibitions, and filled his home with my paintings

Being the daughter of someone as famous as my Dad can often be surreal and bizarre.  To walk down the street and see your Dad’s face plastered across the side of a bus is a weird experience I can tell you! Plus, nobody wants to see their dad having sex or being killed, but I often had to experience it in his films, sometimes at the same time! There is a scene in ‘The Secret Agent‘ that makes me very uncomfortable indeed.

My experience has been that death has the power to dispel all that comes between us.  I tried to see Dad as often as I could at the end. In the last days that I spent with him, I held his hand, said I loved him, and told him he was the best.  I know this made us both happy.  These moments I treasure, and I wish I had more of them.

I am immensely proud of everything that my Dad achieved.  He was an incredible force, powering his way through life, wielding his charisma and charm.  When I use certain phrases like ‘it’s all going wonderfully well’, or I catch my face in an expression that reminds me that I am my father’s daughter, I feel he is with me.

I awoke the morning after he died, and realised that this is the first day of the rest of our lives without him in it.  It is hard to accept that we won’t see him, give him a hug, or make him smile again.

This morning I heard Dad’s voice in a C.S. Lewis quote. I sent it to my brothers, Alex and Jack, and my sister Rosa, so that they might hear it too.

“Courage, dear heart”

Dartmoor Arts

I am excited to be included in Dartmoor Arts this year.  On Monday 28th July I will be running a drawing workshop.  The day will be a combination of prescriptive instructions using chance (rolling dice) and subjective, interpretive ways of working.