The Call of the Wild

Sunshine is here. Flowers are opening. Bees and butterflies swerve and flutter. How can I paint?

There are also beautiful yellow crab spiders.

April is a transformative month. It’s also the month my father died.

Whether I am conscious of it or not, I seem to spend the anniversary of my fathers death pushing my middle aged body to make big structural changes in my garden. This year was no exception. I now have a raised bed and 2 steps. When I look at what I have done, I think of him, and how he probably would have been amused by, and enjoyed, my hotch-potch, DIY garden.

Moving focus away from painting is disconcerting, even a little stressful. Yet, I know stepping away can be as important as remaining present sometimes. Breaks nearly always precede a leap forward.

I’m looking forward to it.