Going Backwards to go Forwards.

This week I made an attempt at tidying and organising my ridiculously cluttered, full attic studio. Unfortunately the original objective was abandoned pretty quickly.

I have several portfolios with a mixed bag of recent and not so recent work. Most finished, some I had put to one side, effectively abandoned. When I stumbled across the half baked pieces from 2021, I felt that now was the time to finish them. It seemed the last 2 years had shown me the answers to the questions these paintings had presented to me.

There was an immediacy about them, something more clumsy and unsure than the work I’ve done more recently. It has been fun to take them in hand and clarify them.

All of the below are acrylic on watercolour paper that is 38 x 28 cm.

Today’s Painting, from Start to Finish in 7 Photos.

Finished Painting. ‘As Far As I Can See’, acrylic on watercolour paper, 38 x 28 cm

The End Result

Yesterday, we tied our hands together and made a large painting on the wall.

Hands tied together!  (I’m on the far left)

At work

Having to adapt to the situation.

The end result; made with acrylic paint; poster paint; felt tip pen; oil pastels; chalk pastels; sticky paper tape, and charcoal.